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Strictly Come Dancing 2017: Halloween #2


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Strictly Come Dancing 2017: Halloween!

Back from Florida to resume blogging just in time for my spooky nightmare….

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Strictly Come Dancing: Week 6 results


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Strictly Come Dancing 2016: Week 6

Have I ever mentioned how much I hate Halloween?

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Strictly Come Dancing 2013: week six results

I’m angry with this elimination. Very angry. I knew I hated Halloween.

But here is what happened during the horror that was the week six results show…


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Strictly Come Dancing 2013: week six

Apparently it’s a theme week. Halloween week to be precise. They kept it quiet until the night..

This is what happened when we gave the BBC a bigger studio and a bigger budget…

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Strictly Come Dancing 2012 Results – One for the knackers [grave]yard, Week 4

After the horror of last night, it is about to get a whole lot worse for one couple as they say their final goodbyes.

And then Halloween will finally die for another year.

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Strictly Come Dancing 2012 – The horror of Halloween!, Week 4

I really detest Halloween. I love Strictly. Help?

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Strictly Come Dancing Results – The nail in the coffin..

Beep Beep. Mwahaha.

Broomsticks at the ready to see one couple exit the competition – and this week is the turning point for the GBP as we seem to have seen SENSE. Or maybe the dance was just too scary to find funny….honestly, I had a nightmare about it. And if you’re reading this as a recap of the show then I am sorry for spoiling the result at the start – implicitly anyway Winking smile …and yes, I have been ‘Beep Beeping’ all day in vague attempt to claim the taxi joke.

So last night spooked us all as we saw wardrobe gaffes (poor Chels!), X-Rated moves (Robbie!), drawn out VT’s (Jason and the ghosts (the tribute band to Jerry and The Pacemakers)) and the downright scarily awful (Nancy and Anton…). Oh yes, and some dancing. But tonight in the witching hour (well, 35 minutes) another couple will fly out of the competition for good. But who will it be? And of course, apart from the result, there is a performance from The Wanted (*shudders*…) and a couple of spooktacular professional dances for us to gawp at!mousy

As well as Claudia Winkleman’s dress sense actually fitting in with the show for once. Did anybody read the rodent story in the Sunday Express this morning? I bet that’s cheesing some contestants off. Isn’t he cute? —>

Professional opener

Gimmick alert! But sexy costumes for the girls and nerdy chic for the boys! Look at those braces! OMG THIS CAME ON MY ITUNES EARLIER AND I THOUGHT THIS WOULD MAKE AN EXCELLENT DANCE! I have a sixth sense Winking smile I really don’t like Ola’s hair – what is living in there? Katya, Kristina and Aliona have normal hair! What can I say? Brilliant as usual. And fantastic little trick there with the judges switchover. S p o o k y…(not, it’s called pre-record)

Oh it’s the dead parrot Alesha wore the other day…around Tess’s waist…with a few feathers stuck to it…

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Strictly Come Dancing – A spooky spectacular!

Greetings…my friends.

I apologise for a long blog post which stems from my distaste for Halloween and themed Strictly nights. But, hopefully, a high standard of dancing will save the show for me! And I have to admit a little part of me is SO excited for Nancy (who is coincidently pictured below Winking smile) and Anton’s Rumba….stressball to clutch at the ready! I am wearing my retainer for when I have to clench my teeth for cringing and I have a cushion at the ready to shield my eyes if need be! See, I’m trying my best to be enthusiastic here!

blogg halloweenPersonally, I love a good themed party and I love Strictly Come Dancing even more. But the two mixed together is dire – mostly because the BBC always go overboard, back on the ship and overboard again with the portrayal of the theme which distracts from the dancing. And I have extra hate for tonight as I really can’t stand Halloween. Take last year on Halloween, the extended ‘spooky’ VT with the annoying glitterball devils laugh wasn’t really needed now, was it? And it always seems to be an excuse for more props (although there hasn’t really been a leash on them this year anyway!) and I don’t think dances need props – or need to be ‘spooky’ – just dance, goddammit.

Anyway, whilst I pick my toys up and pile them back in my pram and then jump down from my pedestal, let’s go on with the show shall we? Mwahahahaha… I have a feeling my blog is going to be a scream tonight….still no. Moving on…

Group opener

I WANTED MY PRO DANCE *stomps feet*. And this song shall now reside in my head for the whole evening. They all look ridiculous if you ask me. That wasn’t really even a dance. Interesting start I guess. Tone set for the rest of the night…

TESS LEG UPDATE: Not even half way up. But at least she looks nice.

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