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Strictly Come Dancing 2017: the launch

15 celebrities. A bunch of professionals.  You know the drill.

Yes, we’re back.

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A rare personal post

In praise of Emmerdale.

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Preview: The Good Karma Hospital

Every once in a while, something broadcasts on one of the mainstream channels that you never knew you needed to see. That you never knew could work. That you never knew you would like.

ITV’s The Good Karma Hospital is just that.

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Strictly Come Dancing 2016: THE FINAL

This is it folks. Months of training and glitter all comes down to this.

The 2016 Strictly Come Dancing Final. All in one go.

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Strictly Come Dancing 2016: Week 2 #2


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REVIEW: Bridget Jones’s Baby

Bridget Jones is back with a bouncing bundle of joy. This funny, warm, light-hearted, and sometimes emotional romantic comedy, is sure to be the biggest hit of the autumn.


Devious Maids: Season 4, Episode 2

Beverly Hills is left reeling in the aftermath of Peri Westmore falling foul to her own American Choice award. Elsewhere, Genevieve is on a mission and Zoila is flawed by her new neighbour’s omission.

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Major spoilers ahead.

The fourth season of Netflix original Orange is the New Black picks up directly where we left off, with the inmates all swimming in a lake, having left Litchfield through a cut in the barbed wire. However, thoughts of the series continuing without exploring fresh territory are diminished by the season’s fast-paced premiere, where creator Jenji Kohan strikes the perfect balance between what we know, what we need to know, and the unknown.



Keen to inject a different angle into first date television shows, TLC UK bring us Undressed, starting Friday 15 July 10pm.
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Brief Encounters

ITV and CPL have created a hilariously sexy drama told through four strong female leads.

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