Strictly Come Dancing: Semi-final results

We have our final four….

I mean, I’ll get this out there first. I always think we should scrap the dance-off for the semi final. My reason for this is that the fourth couple through to the final becomes the judges pick. And there is only a 50% chance that they actually finished bottom with the public.

We start with a routine full of dancing that isn’t ever to be featured on Strictly, accompanied by the wonderful Zoonation. The semi-final results show used to be the home of a gymnast showdance to warn us what was ahead the following week. Maybe that was *that*.


Joe and Katya and Alexandra and Gorka.


Gemma and Aljaž.

Craig David

Sorry, zoned out.

Janette and Aljaž danced around in front of him, so I guess there is always next year for poor Chloe and Neil to get some time out there. I’d like to say that they were overlooked because AJ and Katya are still competing but…it isn’t that, is it?


Debbie and Giovanni.


Mollie and AJ.

Another montage

Ha, two tonight yes but just you wait for this week….


Probably the closest run dance-off of the series, since both couples gave it their all and both Gemma and Mollie appeared to take on criticism and run with it. However, Gemma probably had the edge for me.

And she’s in with a clean sweep, so cheerio Mollie and AJ.


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