Strictly Come Dancing: Blackpool results

Time’s up…

An Anton-led group dance kicks us off for the evening and it is *truly* bizarre, like a mash of things all at once and there are people EVERYWHERE. I honestly couldn’t tell you what it was or what happened except for the fact Anton rocked a weird t-shirt and was crowd surfing by the end. His dream? His nightmare? Our nightmare? Answers on a postcard.


Gemma and Aljaž, Susan and Kevin and Davood and Nadiya.


Debbie and Giovanni.

Tears for Fears

Featuring….ZERO DANCERS. In Blackpool. Go figure.


Alexandra and Gorka, Mollie and AJ and Joe and Katya.


Jonnie and Oti.

Alfie Boe and Michael Ball

Ah, so this was the dance performance of the evening. Gosh, a beautiful ballroom number. Shame the focus was mainly on the duo, though.


Debbie went out there and threw herself around the floor, still wearing that atrocious wig, and was about as messy yet fabulous as the first time. Let’s be honest, Debbie’s safe against Jonnie – who apparently thought the same as he delivered a probably worse Tango than the first try.

And so he went, with four votes against him. My eye candy has left the building…. 😦




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