Strictly Come Dancing 2017: Blackpool!

All aboard! We’re off up North.

As tradition for this particular week, the show opens with a twee VT about how much we love Blackpool and then suddenly everyone is on the floor in a circus-themed opening dance. I can’t even complain because the music was great, the routine was great and there were some fabulous costumes on show. Lots of reds.

This is the week we get the extra dancers and the dodgy props, all full steam ahead to ruin routines. Bizarre choice this one, I find, because it doesn’t really do anything except fill the floor up – but I guess that could be the point. Because it’s big and springy, has that ever been mentioned?

Mollie King and AJ Pritchard – Charleston to Wings by Little Mix

The song choice spinner of doom seems to have followed us up the motorway as we learn Little Mix does not work with a Charleston.

The result of this arse-feather and fairy wing routine? A rather limp and boring Charleston devoid of bounce. It just didn’t look very good…or fun. Mollie looked puzzled throughout but AJ was having the time of his life so…that’s something?

Scores: Craig 6, Darcey 7, Shirley 8, Bruno 8 = 29/40

Susan Calman and Kevin Clifton – Paso Doble to Scott & Fran’s Paso Doble from ‘Strictly Ballroom’

Within five minutes, it really wasn’t hard to see why the producers rejected this concept from Kevin for the past four years. But it suited Susan, in an odd way….but that’s not saying it was any good. They shot for the comedy element – presumably why the idea was allowed this year – and I’m not really sure what to make of it. Susan does have some dancing technique, who knew? But…it just didn’t show as much as it should have done because it became secondary to the theme. Clumsy.

Scores: Craig 5, Darcey 6, Shirley 7, Bruno 7 = 25/40

Debbie McGee and Giovanni Pernice – Samba to Spice Girls Medley (Wannabe / Who Do You Think You Are)

We all waited all week pretty much just for this dance, which was a madhouse but in a good way. The floor was bustling but, stripping them away, Debbie was just…DEBBIE. What can I say really? Her energy is infectious and you can’t help but enjoy watching her. I’m mesmerised by her feet on a weekly basis. Even tears me away from Giovanni’s face.

Scores: Craig 7, Darcey 8, Shirley 9, Bruno 9 = 33/40

Jonnie Peacock and Oti Mabuse – Tango to Sweet Dreams by Eurythmics

Jonnie long gets criticised for sticking his bottom out, so it being painted with yellow stripes probably wasn’t the greatest present he could have had from the wardrobe department. Oti played to Jonnie’s strengths, since he does look firm and happy in hold, but he felt a bit weak in places. A bit like he was unsure of what his face was doing and thinking too hard. Not his best but, by far, not his worse.

Scores: Craig 6, Darcey 7, Shirley 6, Bruno 7 = 26/40

Gemma Atkinson and Aljaž Skorjanec – American Smooth to Downtown by Petula Clark

By far Gemma’s best dance, despite the fact that it was sometimes hard to follow her with the army of dancers spinning around as well. The choreography was beautiful and really played to Gemma’s talents, which mainly involve her looking graceful in hold. It was neat, cute and just all-round great.

Scores: Craig 9, Darcey 9, Shirley 10, Bruno 10 = 38/40

Davood Ghadami and Nadiya Bychkova – Paso Doble to Live And Let Die by Paul McCartney and Wings

A Paso song that immediately screams theme but, thankfully, the pair of them made it work. It did feel like it was a little too centred on Nadiya, for the umpteenth time this series, but Davood handled his routine well. He handled the solo sections and the hold, along with the face, and struck some great lines.

Scores: Craig 8, Darcey 9, Shirley 9, Bruno 9 = 35/40

Alexandra Burke and Gorka Marquez – Quickstep to The Gold Diggers’ Song (We’re In The Money) from ‘42nd Street’

She’s amazing. I can’t even add anything else. Alexandra and Gorka really do look like they’ve just stepped off the West End production of 42nd Street. The singer really is a joy to watch, from her elegant hold to sharp kicks. I honestly think this is Alexandra’s to lose.

Scores: Craig 9, Darcey 10, Shirley 10, Bruno 10 = 39/40

Joe McFadden and Katya Jones – Salsa to Ride On Time by Black Box

Now everyone went on this week about this being a fabulous song choice but I can honestly say it’s nowhere near a personal favourite of mine.

Anyhow! Katya choreographed a ridiculously fast routine which sometimes looked like it was exhausted Joe a bit too much in places. However, he gave it his all and you could feel his energy radiating throughout every single move. The lifts in the routine were incredibly showy as well, but it all worked when it could have gone so, so wrong. And those hips…

Scores: Craig 8, Darcey 8, Shirley 9, Bruno 9 = 34/40


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