Strictly Come Dancing: Week 8 results

Who won’t make it to Blackpool?

We begin with an emotional tribute to fallen service men and women on this, Remembrance Sunday. It’s fronted by Karen and Kevin Clifton, as explained earlier in the week on It Takes Two, and involves travelators. The routine is backed to The Proclaimers / 500 Miles, which is a weird choice but alright.


Davood and Nadiya, Mollie and AJ and Joe and Katya.


Jonnie and Oti.


Featuring Anton and Nadiya.

Poor. Chloe.

Dance Debrief



Alexandra and Gorka, Debbie and Giovanni, Gemma and Aljaž and Susan and Kevin.


Ruth and Anton.


So, if we’re being honest, we expected the worst two on the night to wind up in the bottom two the week after a shock boot – which should at least shut the ‘but they have an army of support’ brigade up.

But, as if she knew, Ruth messed up one last time and somehow managed to offer a worse routine than Saturday night, looking laboured and sad throughout. So, to that end, all Jonnie had to do was show up really.

And he did, actually improving on Saturday night. All four save him and that’s that.


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