Strictly Come Dancing 2017: Week 8

The theme for this evening? “The week before Blackpool”.

I’m not even kidding. Claudia Winkleman and Tess Daly bounded down the stairs to tell us that they mentioned Blackpool something like 248 times last year, and were going for 300 this year.

Like, I can’t.

Also, this is the week of the TRAINING VTs. But only because next week is full on Blackpool stupidity. Get ready.

Susan Calman and Kevin Clifton – Tango to Firework by Katy Perry

The second of the downright bizarre song choices for the Tango this series, this time accompanied by some indoor trees. It may have been worse than I’ve Gotta Feeling a la last week.

Susan tried her best to get into the character and did, by and large, grab it with both hands. But it felt stompy and laboured, like Susan needed to be led a bit too much. Her feet are distracting, too. But the arms are improving?

Not that the judges saw much wrong with it – I need to reset my screen.

Scores: Craig 5, Darcey 6, Shirley 8, Bruno 8 = 27/40

Joe McFadden and Katya Jones – Rumba to One by U2 and Mary J. Blige

I mean, it wasn’t half bad. Joe has a beautiful frame and a lovely sway about him. That’s not technical, I know, but it’s week eight of my 3929282th year of doing this so, if I haven’t learned by now, I won’t. Joe moved his hips beautifully, but maybe to the detriment of his odd looking feet. Katya choreographs really well – I’ve noticed her more as a professional this year now she’s Ballsless.

Scores: Craig 7, Darcey 8, Shirley 9, Bruno 9 = 33/40

Ruth Langsford and Anton Du Beke – Foxtrot to Mack The Knife by Bobby Darin

It was hoppy and skippy and just not very good. I love, love, love Ruth and Anton but Anton had the choreography of a man who has given up. It took quite a while to get into the dance (hat and cane dance on the stairs/stage) and then he just dragged Ruth around for a bit until it was over and both finally smiled. I mean, it wasn’t good. And it felt like a bad Quickstep instead of a Slow Foxtrot. Sorry.

And, clearly miffed from Aston-gate, the judges went to town on Ruth and unleashed narky Anton who rebuked pretty much every single comment. Ruth looked like she was about to cry as well. Yikes.

Scores: Craig 4, Darcey 5, Shirley 4, Bruno 5 = 18/40

Davood Ghadami and Nadiya Bychkova – Charleston to The Lambeth Walk by The Pasadena Roof Orchestra

A lively Charleston packed full of content and those lifts Davood and Nadiya seem to love so much. It showed off Davood’s best bits, to be fair, and his high kicks and good swivvel got the chance to be shown off. The characterisation was good, as well – except Lambeth isn’t in East London, fyi shoehorn themers.

Scores: Craig 9, Darcey 9, Shirley 10, Bruno 10 = 38/40

Gemma Atkinson and Aljaž Skorjanec – Viennese Waltz to You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me by Brenda Lee

Elegant on the whole but a little bit dull. They’re a boring couple to watch (sorry) especially in hold and Gemma often looks like she’s concentrating way too hard. She’s decent every week, that’s the issue. No improvement and no pushing….I don’t know, I’m not sold. And, of course, an unfortunate shoe gaffe messed up a good proportion of the routine.

Scores: Craig 7, Darcey 7, Shirley 7, Bruno 7 = 28/40

Alexandra Burke and Gorka Marquez – Argentine Tango to Mi Confession by Gotan Project

Wasn’t wild about the starting on the stairs but WOW. Best dance of the night so far – by a long, long way. It was passionate, stern, intense…it was everything. All she needs is to make sure every single kick is the sharpest it can be and I’d say I was watching a professional. Gawd, and the lifts/spins. Hot.

Scores: Craig 9, Darcey 9, Shirley 10, Bruno 10 = 38/40

Mollie King and AJ Pritchard – Paso to Layla by Derek and the Dominoes

A weak Paso by all accounts, with Mollie giving a real masterclass in the things she can’t do. Shame, but she isn’t getting any better. If anything, she’s getting worse. Mollie’s lost her confidence and, sadly, it only goes downhill…

Scores: Craig 5, Darcey 6, Shirley 6, Bruno 5 = 22/40

Jonnie Peacock and Oti Mabuse – Ballroom with a Foxtrot to Someone Like You by Adele

Another dull Ballroom effort with, sadly, a show of things Jonnie shouldn’t be doing. But he’s so beautiful and Oti is so beautiful that it’s hard to write bad things. So I won’t. It’s just the same story really…over-concentrating and under-delivering. Theme of tonight’s straight ballrooms!

Scores: Craig 4, Darcey 5, Shirley 6, Bruno 6 = 21/40

Debbie McGee and Giovanni Pernice – Salsa to I Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You by Boys Town Gang

I mean, it was always going to be hard to follow the perfect 40 last week but Debbie gave the Salsa everything she had and more. Full of lifts and energy, it was a great effort but not her best Latin.

Scores: Craig 9, Darcey 9, Shirley 8, Bruno 9 = 35/40


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