Strictly Come Dancing: Week 7 results

Oh, we have fireworks alright…

We begin with a professional dance medley, to Prince for no reason other than why not, but it irks me because they open umbrellas and I’m nervy about that.

Insightful piece of blogging that was, I know. You’re welcome.


Alexandra and Gorka, Jonnie and Oti, Debbie and Giovanni and Susan and Kevin.


Aston and Janette.


Featuring Neil Jones and Chloe Hewitt.

So, you know, tea time.


Joe and Katya, Ruth and Anton, Davood and Nadiya and Gemma and Aljaž.


Mollie and AJ.


I still don’t ‘get’ these two but, fair play, Mollie really gave it her all and pulled off a very cute, smart and elegant routine – much better than earlier that Saturday evening.

Aston, by contrast, was about the same amount of bland as ever before. Possibly even more so, as he looked like he realised his luck was up thanks to the overly-themed routine.

In the end, it comes down to Head Judge Shirley after Craig opts to save Mollie and Bruno and Darcey went for Aston.

Shirley opts to save Mollie and off go Aston and Janette.


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