Strictly Come Dancing 2017: Halloween #2


A sad Brendan takes the lead in tonight’s professional dance as his attempts to romance Karen in last year’s Halloween show came back to haunt him. It was all very dark – literally, I couldn’t really see much of it.


Davood and Nadiya, Debbie and Giovanni, Joe and Katya and Alexandra and Gorka.


Mollie and AJ.


YES. STEPS. I AM FANGIRLING. But I think they’ve used their own dancers, so that’s a bad mark for the red and black crew.

Dance Debrief

I usually zone out at this bit but a special mention MUST go to Queen Shirley aiming at Claudia’s posture in a demonstration. I am HERE FOR THIS.

The rest? Tosh, move on.


Aston and Janette, Susan and Kevin, Gemma and Aljaz and Ruth and Anton.


Simon and Karen.


Is there a point in Simon trying? Like, give it up mate. Put him out his misery already. His face said that, really. So he skipped around half-heartedly and Mollie just went for it full-blown.

Gone? Simon and Karen.


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