Strictly Come Dancing: Week 11 results

So there we have it, our final four.

The professional opener is ‘All The Jazz’ from the musical ‘Chicago‘ and it took me so much longer than it should have to realise Katya was our Velma (well, main Velma) and Natalie was Roxie. I think. I don’t know. The musical has them the other way around but the film has the above around. ARGH.

It wasn’t exciting but it wasn’t unexciting. It was just about the level of Musical Week we’ve had this year. I seriously wouldn’t mind this week being abolished.


Claudia and AJ and Louise and Kevin.


Ore and Joanne.

Elaine Paige

Singing ‘Don’t Cry For Me Argentina’ with Natalie and AljaĆŸ whirling around periodically.


Len’s Lens



Danny and Oti.


Robert and Oksana.


A bit of a foregone conclusion and Robert looked SO OVER IT before the dance-off even began. He offered up a bumpy Samba which looked like a farewell to me after Ore, Joanne and some human flowers bored us with something resembling a Foxtrot first. It’s not that it was a bad dance, but the staging was so distracting that it was just easier not to pay attention.

And Rinder bailed out with four votes.




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