Strictly Come Dancing: Week 10 results


We began with the much-talked about ‘Sports Day’ professional routine featuring all the childhood favourites (yours maybe, not mine!) of sack racing, egg and spoon and tug-o-war. Once it is finally over, there is a definite sense that the show can only get better from here.


Louise and Kevin and Danny and Oti.


Robert and Oksana.

Ellie Goulding


Featuring: Karen and Kevin Clifton.

Len’s Lens


Featuring: nothing of note.


Ore and Joanne and Claudia and AJ.


Ed and Katya.


Both ROBERT and Oksana looked a little more stressed throughout this routine, possibly as the thought of being sacrificed for comedy was creeping into their heads. But he fumbles through it, and it’s about the same level of alright that it was last time.

Ed and Katya were as unfunny as last time, with Ed’s facial expressions going to new levels as he jumps up to do his final poses as if it is his final hurrah.

And it was. Unanimously. Hurrah.





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