Strictly Come Dancing: week 8 results

Find out who will go to Blackpool!

Strictly continued their tradition of beautiful Remembrance Day tributes by starting the show with a professional dance (featuring Chloe!) but narrated by Madge and Basil, a couple who fell in love during WWII and are still together, 72 years on. Good luck to them. God bless. May they have nothing but health and happiness.


Joanne and Ore, Danny and Oti and Claudia and AJ.


Daisy and Aljaž.

Andre Rieu

And his parade of Disney princesses, accompanied by Natalie and Brendan.

In the second coincidence of the series, the song’s writer/composer (Hallelujah) passed away this week. Spooky.

Len’s Lens

Shorter this week!


Ed and Katya, Louise and Kevin and Robert and Oksana.


Greg and Natalie.


Both about the same level of mediocre/enjoyable as before. Greg looked slightly more engaged in his Paso though, his concentration face actually managed to look like it was enjoying the dance. Maybe because he thought it was his last.

But he was wrong, and out went Daisy and Aljaž.



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