Strictly Come Dancing: Week 7 results

The first ‘shock’ of the series…

Tonight delivered – hands down – the best professional routine of the series so far. It was a ‘Cuban Fiesta’ to Ricky Martin’s ‘She Bags’, headed by Oti and Neil (poor Chloe). Oti looked spectacular in her red outfit and the whole routine was just mesmerising. Made up for having to endure Gary Barlow later on.


Danny and Oti, Daisy and AljaĆŸ and Greg and Natalie.


Ore and Joanne.

Gary Barlow

Ft. Karen and Kevin.

And some other couples. And some random choir.

I zoned out. Sorry.

Len’s Lens

5 more to go.

I didn’t go for a walk around my living room during Barlow so I went now, instead.


Louise and Kevin, Ed and Katya, Robert and Oksana and Claudia and AJ.


Laura and Giovanni.


Probably a certainty from the off but a nice excuse to see a Samba with an excellent music choice. However, it was slow and lethargic….almost defeatist. Ore was fast, furious and seemed to channel how annoyed he looked over being in the bottom two into the dance.

Eliminated: Laura and Giovanni.




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