Strictly Come Dancing: Week 6 results


The opening dance is incredibly creepy, and that isn’t just because it’s set to a Phil Collins song. Seriously, the make-up and costumes are FANTASTIC and the story of the dance is insanely good. Basically, Kevin loses Karen to a cult of vampires led by Brendan. Something like that.


Robert and Oksana, Greg and Natalie, Ed and Katya and Claudia and AJ.


Daisy and Aljaž.

Laura Mvula

Wasn’t really paying much attention to this noise, to be honest. Was checking my Fantasy Football score. 67 with one player to go.

I did notice that the backing dancers aren’t ours, which is the ultimate Strictly insult in my honest opinion.

Len’s Lens

Ugh. 6 to go.


Louise and Kevin, Ore and Joanne, Laura and Giovanni and Danny and Oti.


Anastacia and Brendan.


Anastacia and Brendan showed no signs of improvement but, by this point, I think they knew it was done anyway. The kicks and flicks weren’t really any better and, if anything, the timing was worse.

Daisy and Aljaž were about the same as they were last time around although I’d say Daisy tried harder with her facial expressions and characterisation.

But, as if you needed to guess, Anastacia and Brendan were dumped out 4-0.




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