Strictly Come Dancing: Week 5 results

Another gone but not an injury in sight!

Dumped, undumped and now former professional Aliona is sure to add another reason to her vendetta against the show as Janette emerges with her Jay Jive wig on for the professional number. The number itself is a 1920s themed dance in a factory-come-tailors called ‘Goodman’s’. Either late for movie week or early for West End/Broadway week, the Thoroughly Modern Millie tribute was a vibrant opener and possibly a thinly-veiled plug for Joanne Clifton’s tour, although they would never admit such a thing…


Louise and Kevin, Claudia and AJ, Ore and Joanne and Robert and Oksana.


Lesley and Anton.

LeAnn Rimes

Ft. Oti and Gorka.

Poor Chloe.

Len’s Lens

Seven to go.


Ed and Katya, Danny and Oti, Anastacia and Gorka and Greg and Natalie.


Daisy and Aljaž


Lesley and Anton still weren’t great to be honest but it was a chance to hear a decent Tango song at least. Not like we get many of those. Pretty sure Lesley went into this defeated, and I think she should be so proud of her performances throughout the competition.

Daisy and Aljaž gave an above-average Charleston performance like last time out really, maybe slightly less energetic at the start but it picked up toward the end. The inverse of last time, really.

So, out go Lesley and Anton unanimously which, while it isn’t a shocker, seems unfair while Ed is still mutilating dance genres. Hey ho, we go on.

It’s Halloween next week. Gather that enthusiasm…


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