Strictly Come Dancing: Week 4 results

Featuring: Madness.

The opening routine was based around Anton’s chest hair James Brown and featured some other dancers along with the rest of the cast. Anton was at the front of the male solo set as well, so I think he’s had his limit for the series.


Lesley and Anton, Ore and Joanne, Daisy and Aljaž, Robert and Oksana and Laura and Giovanni.


Naga and Pasha.



The band. I’m not outraged.

Although the camera work drove me mad a bit. Katya and Neil Jones provided the professional dance accompaniment but the camera was stuck on Madness for the first minute and we missed the dancing. Must have been some sort of deal.

Len’s Lens

Counting the weeks until this is dead in the water. Eight to go.


Danny and Oti, Claudia and AJ, Louise and Kevin, Greg and Natalie and Ed and Katya.


Anastacia and Brendan.


Anastacia delivered her rumba with the same intensity and effort as the first time, all while poor Brendan looked ready to keel over from his turn to not be very well. I love Anastacia’s lines, and she copes well with Brendan’s soft choreography.

Naga and Pasha continued their bid for ‘most awkward couple’ as they fumbled through their routine – which may be one of the slowest charleston’s on record. Or, at least, that’s how it felt.

Full house to save Anastacia and Brendan.


ELMINATED: Naga and Pasha!


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