Strictly Come Dancing: Week 3 results

Less dramatic. Poor movie ending, really. No sequel to last week.

Joanne and Aljaž danced in a library to begin the show while Giovanni moped up in the studio. And then Giovanni bashed Aljaž over the head* (*no) and danced through a regal house with Giovanni. Then everyone was dancing and Giovanni was still coupled up with his mop, until he plucked up the courage to bin Aljaž off and dance with Jo. THE END.


Claudia and AJ, Robert and Oksana, Danny and Oti, Ed and Katya, Naga and Pasha and Louise and Kevin.


Laura and Giovanni.

Michael Ball and Alfie Boe

The annual outing for Strictly favourites saw a double whammy this year. Don’t get too excited, though, because at least one of them will be coming back by December.

Len’s Lens



Ore and Joanne, Greg and Natalie, Daisy and Aljaž, Will and Karen, Anastacia and Brendan and Lesley and Anton.


Tameka and Gorka.


Laura and Giovanni took to the floor first with their energetic Moulin Rouge Salsa routine, backed by the singer wailing. Her solo section seemed cleaner than last time around and she looked happier in the lift at the end.

Then, Tameka and Gorka plodded their way through their over-themed Tango with as much gapping as last time and the energy was gone. So I guess the result came as no surprise, as we’re supposedly sold these dance-off’s on this dance only and/or improvement (depending which line they fancy for the week). They come second on both.

Eliminated: Tameka Empson and Gorka Marquez 





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  1. hi thank you for the blog, I enjoy it every year, like your comments& you say it like it is thank you.LAST WEEK when we had injury I can’t see a fair way to do it so until I can it stays and I keep my mouth shut lol. AS 4 the dance off I no your not a fan, but it’s show business and without it we would not have Sunday show,SO again I keep it shut until I can think of a better way of doing it, to nite I think the judges got it right, I can’t belive how big the show is , yesterday I went into betting shop and lots of bets was being placed with Danny Mac 2-1 favourite which I got 4-1 the week before I do like me gambling but hope louise rednapp wins only because I had poster of her on me wall when I was younger lol. HAVE YOU SEEN A WINNER or got a favourite! I no its only week 3.ENJOY UR BLOG AND APINYON KEEP UP GOOD WORK.paul twitter @paulsnum14sure. PS DO YOU WATCH APPRENTICE ?? God bless paul 😀


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