Strictly Come Dancing results: Week 2


We began with a frankly rather odd professional dance featuring the whole cast centred around Gorka and Oksana the newbies. The theme is….fighting over a woman?  Odd. Apparently it was Romeo and Juliet, which is the second time that play has been mentioned this weekend so clearly Shakespeare is getting some sort of posthumous BBC gig.


Tameka and Gorka, Greg and Natalie, Louise and Kevin, Daisy and Aljaž, Will and Karen and Lesley and Anton.


Anastacia and Brendan.

Barry Gibb

Well, start weirdly Strictly.

Sorry, I zoned out. Somebody danced. Giovanni and….I’ve forgotten again.

Len’s Lens

Nope. You can’t make me! Thank god this will go next series.


Robert (Rinder) and Oksana, Danny and Oti, Lauren and Giovanni, Claudia and AJ, Ore and Joanne, Ed and Katya and Naga and Pasha.


Melvin and Janette.

Dance o….oh wait

Anastacia has torn her scar tissue from her surgery and was declared unfit to dance again. Rightly so, she must be in agony. Poor women. Sending her all my best, although I doubt she’ll read this.

Anyway, the decision is left to public vote (as it should be every week…) and Melvin and Janette were the first to leave the competition.


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