Mistresses: Season 4, Episode 6

A familiar face is back….

No, no. I wish.

Joss is drowning in her trauma once again after she finds out a self-defence classmate has been attacked and hospitalised. Harry is busy with ideas of his own and whisking Joss away but Joss is disturbed and unsettled. This manifests itself in her idea for a rush wedding in Vegas – although I guess it eliminated the whole family-guest-list problem.

And then it all blows up quite spectacularly as Joss catches Rezza – Amarti – in a domestic dispute and runs away from the still body…

But when she tells her course leader, will Joss realise something deeper is wrong?

Elsewhere, Lucy has noticed she can use Marc to help fight battles with April. Marc suggests April is an authoritarian parent causing her to go on the defensive. April also has other problems, as she wars with her bond with Lucy and how long she can keep her as a little girl.

Alec has returned from Costa Rica and turned up at Karen’s apartment to see baby Vivian. He is gone as soon as he is there and later the grieving widow revealed he has married a colleague from his Doctors With Borders trips. The two of them are intent on being close to the baby.

After the revelation of Karen’s book and her sexual encounter with Robert, the papers we expect come banding to her door…

Lastly, now a fully fledged Mistress by name and status, Kate’s mystery taco-truck lover is revealed to us during a hotel tryst. And he is immediately recognisable.

It’s Scott – Joss’s ex. The one she jilted at the altar because she was making out with Harry on the beach.

By the end of the episode, they’re over.

For now.



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