Mistresses: Season 4, Episode 5

Karen gets dropped, Kate gets confused, Joss gets shunned and April shows an ugly side.

Some spoilers

Fresh from her new persona as a ‘sexpert’, Karen’s agent sets her up on a Podcast called ‘Lovechat’ only for her to be completely torn apart by host Jason on whether or not her book in fact reduces women to just sexual objects.┬áHeadstrong Dr Kim who stands up for herself (as we have seen so much in previous seasons, i.e. with Alec) ignores all advice and goes back on the show to call out Jason – only to find herself dropped by Barbara…and with a new enemy. As the episodes closes, Karen is shocked to find somebody outside her apartment but is it him? Logic would suggest so, and it doesn’t seem like her feud with Jason is confined to the one episode.

Harry the restauranteur takes Joss to a dinner with new partner Jonathan for a bonding dinner – of sorts – but Joss – who has found new ways of fighting her demons other than hurting herself in classes – hijacks the meeting as a way to sell herself as a publicist, much to Harry’s annoyance. Things get back on track later in the episode, only to be ruined again when Joss ’embellishes’ his cooking backstory on the new website set up to promote Harry. As a clear divide between work and play rears its head, will Joss be forced to choose between working for Harry and marrying Harry?

Kate, meanwhile, is completely disconnected from the problems her brother is having as she deals with a co-worker challenging to notion of her ‘no cheating’ policy. But having just been cheated on and jilted by the love of her life, is Kate about to fully live up to the title of the show?

Finally, April finds out Michael is transgender after he opens up to her following their kiss (after being punched by Marc) but any suggestion the show may be about to form its first real platonic friendship is crushed soon after. Kate suggests April may have been attracted to a ‘feminine side’ of Michael, a theory April relays to him shortly before declaring she would never date a transgender person.


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