Devious Maids: Season 4, Episode 3

Mrs Delatour declares a war on Marisol, Adrian is ready to give up his secret but not without making Evelyn’s life hell and Rosie may be fighting a losing battle.


“Devious Maids” stars Ana Ortiz as Marisol Suarez, Dania Ramirez as Rosie Falta, Roselyn Sanchez as Carmen Luna and Judy Reyes as Zoila Diaz. (ABC Studios/Joe Viles, TLC)

Genevieve is continuing to attempt to destroy Marisol in the typical Beverly Hills way – by cancelling dinner reservations and getting obscenities written on her car. With her claws firmly out and scratching at Peter’s arm, can Marisol hold onto her boyfriend and play dirty? I think Genevieve’s green witch hair signals the start of something…but is Genevieve really after a man, or just some company after Zoila?

Ben’s still controlling Spence’s strings after getting him to confess to the murder of Peri. Rosie found an alibi for Spence but the prison guard is working with Ben, so it seems as if Spence could be stuck in for a long stretch. Jesse is now free to work with Rosie on uncovering what Ben is up to now Peri’s sister Shannon is in town to look after young Tucker.

Shannon is apparently ‘the nice sister’ so god help the poor child.

It isn’t long before she needs Rosie’s help.

But is she ‘just’ Peri’s sister?

Zoila’s being led down honeytrap lane by her new boyfriend’s mother Francis and can only be headed for something bad. Francis solves Zoila’s new social status problems by inviting everybody over for cocktails leading her to rope Carmen and Dani acting as her maids for the evening. But Zoila just falls deeper and deeper into the facade as she invites scores over to her chateau in Switzerland…

Daniela is flying off the rails faster than her cousin-mother can cope with as her lust of drugs, cars and boys reaches new heights. Carmen’s disappointment in her daughter is clear, how long can she hide her secret? Especially when a drunk Dani turns up for work and starts causing trouble, meaning Carmen goes on the offensive. Could Zoila and Carmen’s friendship be under threat too?

Or is Zoila just grieving in the hardest and loneliest way possible?

Knowing the jig is up, Adrian has his heart set on ruining Evelyn’s life by cutting off her credit cards and locking her out of the house in an attempt to show her life without him. However, her lawyer is blocked from taking on Evelyn’s case – as is every single one in the district, as Adrian declares a war of his own via the means of blackmail.

But a new Evelyn beckons as she moves in with Marisol instead…





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