Mistresses: Season 4, Episode 4

Karen’s job reaches new bizarre levels, Jos declares war and April may be headed for problems…

(Some spoilers ahead)

All while fighting through her fear while risking her bones, Jos sets her sights on rebuilding her business which has taken a nosedive since the whole Calista-murder-prison thing. This is at the forefront of her issues after it is publicly mentioned to a potential new client Stacey by her current publicist…this means a full-scale battle, as Jos leaks defamatory text messages to destroy his client base.

Elsewhere, Karen’s current boyfriend and ex-manny is in the process of looking for a new one while Karen promises to give a patient, Ann, her first orgasm with Connor. Not as in sounds but you never quite know with this season, to be honest. She sends this couple off with a checklist of things to do in order to reconnect with each other and create new sexual experiences. Two were apparently ‘dress up in fancy dress’ and ‘break into Karen’s office to have sex’, much to the dismay of the poor cleaner…

Marc’s band is just starting to get going when his ex Sophie turns up to audition for the lead singer gig, leading to him offering the ban leader an ultimatum. April, meanwhile, may be in a bit too deep with her new maybe-job as an interior designer after she goes to a client presentation to find herself alone with the husband, having just been served divorce papers. Maybe Marc was right to be worried. And where is Lucy?

For the fourth week in a row, Kate takes front-and-centre along with the other three confirming that she may indeed be Savi’s replacement (*sob*). This week, the jilted fiance is struggling to cope after finding out Brian is dating again. Now now Kate, don’t get mad….get even. April offers her a job, which leads to more tension between her and brother Harry.


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