Devious Maids: Season 4, Episode 2

Beverly Hills is left reeling in the aftermath of Peri Westmore falling foul to her own American Choice award. Elsewhere, Genevieve is on a mission and Zoila is flawed by her new neighbour’s omission.


“Devious Maids” stars Ana Ortiz as Marisol Suarez, Dania Ramirez as Rosie Falta, Roselyn Sanchez as Carmen Luna and Judy Reyes as Zoila Diaz. (ABC Studios/Joe Viles, TLC)

Marisol’s blossoming new romance with Peter Hughes (James Denton) hits a wall early on in the wake of two revelations. Firstly, it turns out Peter was married to Genevieve (but then, who wasn’t?) who sees him on television announcing Peri’s death and decides she wants him back. Secondly, of course, Marisol was yet to find this out.

Spence and Rosie are reunited just as Spence finds himself in the frame for Peri’s murder. Things look awfully bleak for Spence given that he fell off the wagon, got drunk and can’t remember anything from the previous night. Rosie takes it upon herself to find a way to prove Spence’s innocence but those deep dark thoughts threaten to twist her belief in him…

Daniela unearths Adrian’s secret and blackmails him for a job in the residence. But nothing Carmen says can remove Danni from the mansion since Adrian knows her parentage secret. Meanwhile, Evelyn enlists the help of the young new maid to trap Adrian into giving her a reason to finally leave. Her seduction efforts fail, but this may prove to be enough…

Zoila’s fast learning lying gets you stuck in a rut as she goes out with her not-so-neighbour only to find out his relationship with his mother is oddly closer than she wants a man to be. But after a heartbreaking conversation with his mother, Zoila comes around the idea. Except this is Beverly Hills, and of course the mother has other ideas.

And that Ben? I don’t trust him, at all. Spence’s confession sounds like his.


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