Mistresses: Season 4, Episode 3

This week, Karen’s dealing with the fallout from bedding her Manny, April is moving on and Joss is helping Kate with her breakup rather than confronting her own demons.

I get the feeling Kate is the new Savi (who didn’t even get a mention this week, let alone a spin-off story a la last week).

Kate (Tabrett Bethell) is on dating apps in a bid to find some new people following her dis-engagement from cheating Brian. After two failed dates, Kate is now sure she is going to marry her third date, Dean. Creepy Dean is under the impression Joss and Kate are up for a threesome with him but, instead of seeing what a prat the guy is, Kate turns on Joss.

April deals with a cranky customer by driving his order all the way to Malibu. Except, it turns out this order is for a crazy interior designer (well, at least I think that is her job) and April can’t help but give her two cents worth and gets busy picking designs. However, Lindsey hates most of the stuff Michael picked (for his own house…) and fires her. Marc suggests interior design could be April’s calling and dutifully slopes off to bed after getting his head bitten off. Only, this is then exactly what April does and goes and seals the contract. Poor Marc. Can’t do right.

Karen is carrying on with her worst idea yet and sleeping with her Manny (who is also on the aforementioned dating apps…) and, as an avid viewer of the show, I can say with some conviction that this is not going to end well at all. The hints for this? Robert insinuating Karen isn’t spending enough time with her own daughter and not caring so much about Vivian now she has stopped breast feeding. In the end, she fires him but catches up with him about five seconds later in his new job as a…dog walker…and asks him to be her date.

To which Robert replies ‘okay, we can do normal’. Ha, not on this show.

Undeterred by her imminent broken ribs, Joss pushes on with her self-defence training, much to Harry’s protestation. Harry, meanwhile, is still delving deeper into a dodgy partnership with a shady businessman. He purports to have Harry at heart (‘this is about who you want to be’) but…they never do. Marc’s on the side of the normal and has his reservations about Mr Amarti and his intentions. By midpoint in the episode, Harry is also expressing doubts about the situation claiming Mr Money doesn’t have the passion of a restaurateur. And by the end of the episode? He’s signed, after Jonathan tells him his family story.

But Joss is slowly falling apart at the seams, highlighted further when she collides with a cyclist pulling away from traffic lights and gives him a rather public dressing down – much to the disdain of pedestrians.

Karen – the therapist – is the first person she goes to after and says how she’s not up for therapy. Joss neglects to tell Karen why she left her self-defence class and Karen urges her to take it back up. Now, about that rib…

At the class, Joss finally realises the class’s help and vows to cover up her bruises and go on with the show…but what will this mean for Harry and Joss when he inevitably finds out? And will Joss get badly hurt?


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