Mistresses: Season 4, Episode 2

Joss feels judged, Karen has a new title, April is flailing around and SAVI GETS MENTIONED.

Some spoilers.

Joss’s soon-to-be sister-in-law Kate appeared in LA determined to have a fling just before she returns to Australia. She wants – as Joss puts it – ‘sexy stranger danger’ before she marries her long-term boyfriend back in Australia next month. Poor Brian. This cannot go well.

All is now how it seems, however, as Kate reveals some life-changing news toward the end of the episode.

Agent Barbara Rutledge has turned our heartbreak-laden Doctor Kim into a sexy guru and put her on show in the newspaper for all to see. On top of that, Barbara has arranged meet-and-greet sessions for the ‘sexpert’ in local sex shops and our Mistress has been kicked out of ‘mummy group’ after accidentally hijacking a question and answer session.

Meanwhile, there is trouble in paradise for Joss and Harry now that Kate has revealed Harry’s parents don’t know he is marrying his ex-wife’s sister…and Joss reveals Savi doesn’t know, either. It looks as if this engagement may be on the rocks already…

Speaking of Harry, he has a rich man interested in investing in his new Bistro and willing to give up a whole lot of cash for no input. Or so he says. Seems dodgy, right? Even weirder is that Marc really seems to hate the guy. But at least he has a new job.

April is busy trying to find herself through the medium of painting now that she is chasing down a Creative Fellowship in just a matter of days. As she sits in the dark trying to paint something ‘different’, daughter Lucy delivers some stellar and perspective-changing advice by recounting April’s advice to her previously about not trying to hard to fit in [at school] and being herself. Yet another hint about how central Lucy could be to this season.

But April gets some bad news, Joss has the most awkward engagement party ever and Karen’s resistance of her manny lasted, oh, a week…


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