Keen to inject a different angle into first date television shows, TLC UK bring us Undressed, starting Friday 15 July 10pm.

The premise is simple – albeit a bit weird – and is exactly how it sounds. Based on an Italian hit, Undressed features strangers meeting up for a first date (having been matched on personality by a team) and gives them around 15 seconds to say hello to one another before commanding them to undress each other.

Once they are stood in their underwear, the plasma-looking screen commands them to sit on the bed where they will receive further instruction.

At the end of the date, the couples are presented with the choice of meeting up again and each must select either ‘yes’ or ‘no’. Their choices are then revealed on the big screen. Awkward if the person is into you but you say no…

The risk you take for your half an hour of television fame.

Undressed is a ten-part series airing two 30-minute episodes on Friday evenings.

In the first half hour, singletons Lauren (23) and Sam (23) hit it off on their rather unconventional first date. Lauren hopes to conquer her phobia of dating by appearing nearly naked on the show but will see get more than she bargained for in terms of exposure to the dating world?

Elsewhere, viewers will cringe at the path Ruby (25) and Nico (29) embark on when they have their ‘painful’ first encounter.



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