Mistresses: Season 4, Episode 1

Viewers in the United Kingdom finally get to re-hook themselves on hit ABC drama Mistresses as it returns TLC UK on Wednesday’s at 10pm, starting this evening (13th July).

It’s been, for us this side of the pond, around seven months since our last dose of Mistresses left us with many unanswered questions – what happens to Joss? Do Karen and Alec raise the baby together? Will April finally enter into a stable relationship?


Mistresses, 13 July 10pm, TLC

We find season 4 Joss (Jes Macallan) up in court testifying a year after her ordeal suffered at the hands of Wilson (Jarod Joseph) after it was revealed he bumped off his boss Calista Raines’s (Jennifer Esposito) estranged husband Luca.

Elsewhere, Joss’s partner Harry (Brett Tucker) – who avid viewers will remember was also once her brother-in-law (miss you Savi!) – manages to spook a very much still on edge Joss by returning unannounced from his trip around Europe with famous chef Rocco DiSpirito and it just so happens that he has a question for the beautiful blonde…

NEXT QUESTION PLEASE. Karen and Alec. Well, Dr Kim (Yunjim Kim) is now mum to a very cute four-month-old baby girl called – you guessed it – Vivian, after her lover who died at the end of the previous series. Alec (older Vivian’s widow and baby Vivian’s biological father) has shipped himself off to Costa Rica as part of ‘Doctors Without Borders’ and will presumably appear later on in the series, probably just as things get steamy between Karen and new male nanny Rob (Jerry O’Connell). Maybe. We shall see.


Mistresses, 13 July 10pm, TLC

April (Rochelle Aytes) finally appears to have her happy-ever-after now she’s settled down in a new pad with Marc (Rob Mayes), whom she declared her feelings for on the doorstep of her old place just as she was about to race to the airport to stop him flying off to Peru, only to find him getting out of a car en route to cuddle her. If this seems cute and uncomplicated for this show, viewers are reminded that April met Marc after her not-so-dead-then-but-dead-now husband Paul’s other partner Miranda turned up with child Scotty and dumped both him and his uncle Marc on April’s doorstep. A lot goes on out there.

Meanwhile, April is worried her teenage daughter Lucy (Corrine Massiah) could be in danger of growing up way too fast as we meet her for the first time this series, in which it is hinted she could play a key role in.

TLC UK channels:

Sky – 125

Virgin Media – 167

BT – 323

Virgin Media (Ireland) – 121


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