Strictly Come Dancing 2015: semi-final results

The last results show of the series gives us our final four*.

(*Should be three, I still want a double elimination in the semi. I say this because:

a) Four is a stupid final amount. Too busy.

b) We never find out who finished 2nd and 3rd this way whereas you would if 3rd place went before last dance and then the winner was announced.

c) The fourth couple are, ultimately, chosen by the judging panel out of the lowest public voted.

An absolutely ridiculous show opener which was WAY too messy but somehow worked. Every professional featured bar Anton, Gleb and Aliona and Kevin. So, not everyone really.

There were props EVERYWHERE because the series is almost over and they have a toy box bill to pay. Highlight included: DJ Oti, Tristan pushing a red sofa full of dancers across the floor with a creepy smile and Janette waving to the camera like a lunatic.


Jay and Aliona and Kellie and Kevin.

Going home?

Anita and Gleb.

Kylie Minogue


Felt like a performance in the wrong week, though. We have a Christmas special for a reason….


Georgia and Giovanni.

Going home?

Katie and Anton.

Len’s Lens

I may start a campaign to kill this off next series.


For reasons outlined above, I am full of resentment that this section exists but I’m looking at it with an open mind.

Katie and Anton reprised their Ballroom Waltz to the eye-wateringly beautiful Puccini and improved only slightly from last night’s attempt. Hands still off point, gapping visible and footwork obscured by dry ice.

Anita and Gleb made their final act of the series punishing us with their Pitbull Salsa-mess which was just as awfully non-Salsa as before – obviously, since they don’t change the routine – but it seemed more like a showdance than ever. Fallen at the final hurdle.


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