Strictly Come Dancing 2015: week ten results

Oh how the mighty did fall…

We need to talk, Strictly. This week’s opening dance was to that song explicitly spelling out W-O-M-A-N was set in a laundrette with the female professional dancers doing over-sexualised dance moves while men play-actingly fawn over them. Actually, chat me back PTB and we can talk about the concept of ‘gender’ and problematic binaries.



Georgia and Giovanni and Helen and Aljaz.


Kellie and Kevin.

Adam Lambert

Featuring Karen and Kevin do contemporary dance shizz. Must admit, I went to check my Fantasy Football points at this point….

Judging panel waffle

Still fiddling with my football team


Back on topic I go.


Jay and Aliona, Katie and Anton and Anita and Gleb.


Peter and Janette.


Kellie and Kevin’s Salsa never really stuck in my mind first time around so I took a different view of it the second time. Not an excellent one, mind, but I did enjoy it this time at least. The acting was toned down a tiny bit which gave it bonus points, although there were a couple mistakes which took them away.

Against them, were Peter and Janette for the second week running and it was similarly over-themed and under-danced. I think we’ve reached peak Peter now – he’s done his one style of dance and we’ve seen it too many times to care about it any longer. The gapping during hold was even more noticeable this time, too.

OUT: Peter Andre and Janette Manrara!!


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