Strictly Come Dancing 2015: Blackpool results

Which couple had the rock-en luck this weekend?

The results show began with gendered outfits arranged by colour, everyone on the floor and some decent Quickstep (?). It was over really fast though. Blurry. There was something on a stage, as well.


Kellie and Kevin, Jay and Aliona and Georgia and Giovanni.


Peter and Janette.


Sort of pitchy and featured random gymnastics/contemporary prancing about. But it’s so nice to see Anastacia perform. I’ve a lot of respect for her.

Can we do this bit alone?

No, but I wish you would.


Anita and Gleb, Katie and Anton and Helen and Aljaz.


Jamelia and Tristan.

Take That

Featuring EVERYBODY (Oti/Jo/Karen). Just move on…


Jamelia and Tristan returned to their favourite dancing spot yet again and really pulled off a decent Quickstep, actually. I thought their hold was much better with less gapping. Few timing issues but really nothing compared to how bad Peter and Janette‘s jive was. Even when on time, the kicks were limp and the flicks were slow and ugly. Still missing the Jive content, since it obviously doesn’t get rechoreographed, whereas Jamelia and Tristan threw the Quickstep bus at Blackpool. And she improved. Based on ‘the dance-off is for improvement and we mark on that’….oh, never mind.

Out: Jamelia and Tristan MacManus!!



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