It Takes Two 2015: Monday 2 November

Tonight we saw: Jeremy Vine and Karen Hauer, Kirsty Gallacher and Brendan Cole, Natalie Lowe

  1. Kirsty and Brendan gave us a rare glimpse of the ITT Green Room as they interviewed from there.
  2. Kirsty has made a good friend in Brendan.
  3. She loved the Salsa.
  4. Brendan says they had a good time in their limited training sessions.
  5. Brendan was not hopefully when they started out in the competition.
  6. Jamelia has many phobias. Like horses.
  7. Jeremy is scared by Gleb’s muscles.
  8. Anton is scared of spiders.
  9. Aljaz tripped over the floor and nearly faceplanted into the studio.
  10. Natalie Lowe stood in for Karen Hardy tonight. Here is what she had to say:
  11. She is surprised every week at exits.
  12. She did not expect Jamelia to be in the bottom two.
  13. Ainsley taught Natalie a lot about life experiences and she misses him.
  14. They are going on a day trip of Thursday.
  15. Six different couples have topped the leaderboard in recent weeks. So, one a week?
  16. Helen’s Samba roll impressed Natalie.
  17. According to Natalie, Kevin is doing an amazing job with the content and choreography.
  18. Jamelia gives it more oomph in the dance-off and needs to treat her first attempt with the same gusto.
  19. Pivots are very difficult for female celebrities.
  20. Jeremy reckons all the celebrities are friendly because they aren’t competing against one another. They are competing against themselves to better their previous week.

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