It Takes Two 2015: Monday 26 October

Tonight we saw: Ainsley Harriott and Natalie Lowe, Jeremy Vine and Karen Clifton, Jay McGuiness and Aliona Vilani, Jo Clifton and half the cast behind the scenes and in front of it.

  1. Ainsley was thrilled with the routine he had last week.
  2. Natalie reckons it was their strongest week and they went into Saturday really ready.
  3. Natalie has been really upset about their exit.
  4. Ainsley’s favourite dance was the Waltz. And loved his Salsa.
  5. Anita had a trip to the physio.
  6. Jay has interesting and questionable taste in shirts.
  7. The safety net in his routine with Aliona was his solo parts being faced toward Aliona. Think, mirror.
  8. Aliona doesn’t think the stumble in week four knocked Jay’s confidence.
  9. Aliona makes Jay do pushups in training.
  10. He has to live up to Harry Judd.
  11. Jay’s mum gets stopped in town. For?
  12. Joanne Clifton is standing in for China-bound Karen Hardy this evening. Here is what she thought:
  13. Carol Kirkwood needs to pretend she is in a big bowl of custard to push her arms around. Yep, she really said that.
  14. Gapping stopped Helen from getting a 10.
  15. Jeremy has a perfect attitude toward the show.
  16. Talking of Jeremy, he says he found the Waltz a bit constraining.
  17. Elvis Costello left him a message before their routine.
  18. Karen compares Jeremy to Yoda.
  19. He deploys muscle memory. The one where your muscles remember even if your brain doesn’t.
  20. Jeremy had ‘smartphone posture’ at first.

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