Strictly Come Dancing 2015: week two results

The first to go…

We begin with a pink professional number to a musical version of ‘Only Girl (In The World)’ with (I think) everyone in and it features Janette spinning about suspended mid-air. Poor girl. I wonder how dizzy she was after.

Claudia is wearing a dress with some tree looking things on and Tess’s dress either has pink stripes in or slits in.


Daniel and Kristina, Peter and Janette, Kellie and Kevin, Georgia and Giovanni, Helen and Aljaz and Jeremy and Karen.


Iwan and Ola.

Rod Stewart

Wheeled out early this time with ‘Please’. Accompanied by the professional girls and some chairs.

I wouldn’t have minded seeing a nice routine but instead it was all sexualised posturing.

Len’s Lens

Nope. Not writing about this. You can’t make me.


Ainsley and Natalie, Katie and Anton, Jay and Aliona, Anita and Gleb, Anthony and Oti, Carol and Pasha and Kirsty and Brendan.


Jamelia and Tristan.

Next week

Movie Week.

You know how much I love a theme (…) but I’m actually not going to be around for the next couple weeks. So, Natalie being a penguin will go unblogged.


Jamelia and Tristan were just as embarrassing, odd and laboured as last night (a few hours before) but…it was in time.

Not content with having throw the kitchen sink at it last time, Iwan and Ola lobbed the cupboards, washing machine and fridge at the routine and still didn’t do any better.


Iwan and Ola.


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