It Takes Two 2015: Friday 2 October

This evening is the first of the hour-long Friday shows – live from London with a live studio audience. These are somewhat of an experiment.

Tonight we saw: Carol Kirkwood and Pasha Kovalev, Tristan MacManus, Kevin Clifton, Richard Arnold, Helen George and Aljaz Skorjanec, Mark Benton, Jenni Falconer, Aled Jones, Joanne Clifton and Kirsty Gallacher and Brendan Cole.

  1. According to Carol, Pasha is a ‘darling’ to work with.
  2. Pasha says Carol likes trotting.
  3. Carol doesn’t want to let Pasha go. Go where?
  4. Ex-professional Robin Windsor has a segment this year. He’s doing the A-Z of Strictly. I think we’ve done this before.
  5. A is for Anton…
  6. B is for Brucie. And Blisters. Poor Bruno.
  7. C is for Claudia. C is also for Critique. Or Craig. I’m not sure, I got lost.
  8. D is for Darcey.
  9. E is for exhaustion…
  10. Richard Arnold has been stalking around Elstree. Anita and Gleb were first around this morning – they’re recycling Richard and Erin’s song, actually.
  11. Tristan reckons that today isn’t the day the celebrities get nervous…that comes tomorrow.
  12. According to Kevin, in Jive you can hide. But in Cha Cha Cha you can’t.
  13. Aled Jones’s favourite dance was the Jive – the one he forgot his steps.
  14. Jenni Falconer thinks Ainsley will bring an energy to the room.
  15. The Charleston is a ‘really fun’ dance which is why we love it. Is it?
  16. Iwan talks a lot when he runs.
  17. Mark thinks Kellie looks like a pro (dancer).
  18. Joanne Clifton is filling us in on professional dances now. This week is all about the girls.
  19. The professionals learn all the dances in August and refresh them each Monday.
  20. Group rehearsals are ‘havoc’. Everyone gets over-excited and tired.
  21. The craziest professional is Brendan.
  22. Kristina and Aliona are always late.
  23. Apparently we need to look out for Daniel and for the judges.
  24. Helen loved every second of the Friday evening show and their dance.
  25. She did ballet as a kid but it didn’t really hep her, she feels.
  26. Aljaz has an alter ego – Crystal the showgirl.
  27. There is a nervous energy ahead of this weekend.
  28. Giovanni decided to be a dancing when watching Come Dancing. The predecessor of the very show.
  29. Richard is now in the beauty department with Vicky Gill. Everyone is trying to hide from the cameras.
  30. Jeremy Vine is very difficult. He’s been double dipped now. Is that a punishment? Probably is.
  31. Kirsty was absolutely terrified before her show debut.
  32. But she feels different this weekend and is less nervous.
  33. Karen Hardy rolled a dice and told us that somebody is being evicted this weekend. Nothing is certain apart from going down to 14.
  34. Jeremy was better than Zoe Ball expected him to be.
  35. Jeremy has a lot of music in his body.
  36. Giovanni and Georgia look good together – all three agree.
  37. Aled doesn’t think there is a dance Helen won’t be able to do.
  38. Jenni would dance with Aljaz, if she did the show.
  39. Mark’s key to a good Charleston: fun.
  40. Predicted exits: Mark = Iwan, Jenni = Jeremy and Aled = Anthony.

It Takes Two blogs will return on Monday 26 October.


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