It Takes Two 2015: Thursday 1 October

Tonight we saw: Anita Rani and Gleb Savchenko, Daniel O’Donnell and Kristina Rihanoff, Katie Derham and Anton Du Beke, Ian Waite and Vicky Gill.

  1. Anton thinks Katie dealt with her first routine very well – it could have gone either way.
  2. Katie is ‘likey likey’ with the Tango.
  3. Iwan is happy to stick his bum out during the Cha Cha Cha.
  4. Anthony has created an imaginary persona – Reginald – for this weekend.
  5. Ian Waite time now and Jeremy has to keep himself down rather than bringing Karen up.
  6. Jay’s dancing quality is very good.
  7. Georgia is flexible and has good flow. They are the youngest couple this year.
  8. Oti Mabuse – the new female professional – is a trained civil engineer.
  9. Anita had a chat with judge Craig after the show and he told her he wasn’t expecting her to be able to dance.
  10. The evening was a blur for Anita, and the comments remain unknown to her.
  11. A ‘zig-zag’ step is a ‘tikki tikki tikki boom’ is Gleb’s training room, or something like that.
  12. Anita reckons their Charleston will be like nothing the show has ever seen before.
  13. ‘Let’s Get Frocked’ is now dead. The segment is now called ‘Puttin’ On The Glitz’.
  14. Katie’s Jive dress was full of mesh leaf designs.
  15. Carol’s Foxtrot dress has a layer of pleating, a layer of satin and a layer of crin.
  16. Kirsty wanted a full skirt on her dress for this weekend to use during her performance.
  17. The Friday live show will be 6pm-7pm.
  18. Daniel was dazed during his performance and thought he was terrible.
  19. Kristina doesn’t feel upset at a ‘4’ from Craig because of his overall scoring last weekend.
  20. Daniel O’Donnell is happy as long as he is clothed. Lack of clothing isn’t his forte.

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