It Takes Two 2015: Wednesday 30 September

Tonight we saw: Kellie Bright and Kevin Clifton, Jamelia and Tristan MacManus, Janette Manrara and Peter Andre and Ian Waite.

  1. Kellie was very glad to get her dance out the way. Kellie, of course, opened the series last Friday night.
  2. Danny Dyer – or ‘Mick’ in EastEnders – was very proud of his on-screen wife. Well, partner. Not sure they are married yet.
  3. Kellie is third in the rankings of the top five Eastie barmaids.
  4. Matt Di Angelo’s advice to Kellie was ‘don’t forget your routine and sit on the stage like I did’.
  5. Kellie is listening to her Cha Cha Cha music in bed.
  6. Competing professionals come from many countries this year. Russia leads the way – giving us Kristina, Pasha and Gleb.
  7. Speaking of Gleb, Ian Waite thinks his partner Anita has ‘oodles of talent’.
  8. Helen has the ‘straight legs of a dancer’. Her top area is a concern, though, because she is holding everything too high. Apparently. I wouldn’t know.
  9. Ian isn’t sure ballroom suited Ainsley too well.
  10. Peter’s Quickstep will be ‘quick’ (eh) and ‘frothy’.
  11. Kirsty has the look of a Latin dancer, according to Ian.
  12. The Salsa is an exposing dance for female celebrities.
  13. Jamelia loved getting dressed up and being on the floor.
  14. It appears that the Loose Woman panellist (nothing to be proud of) giggled the entire way through her dance.
  15. Jamelia was ‘gutted’ with her score last week. She scored 21.
  16. Tristan believes the score was justified and admits the dance didn’t go to plan.
  17. Peter experienced ‘heart palpitations’ (his words, hence the quotes) before his dance.
  18. Peter keeps apologising to Janette in training.
  19. Janette says it feels good to finish top of the leaderboard first week.
  20. The Quickstep is quick.

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