It Takes Two 2015: Monday 28 September

Strictly Season is now in full swing with the return of spin-off show It Takes Two with the lovely Zoe Ball back sprinkling glitter over our week nights.

Tonight we saw: Jeremy Vine and Karen Hauer, Ainsley Harriott and Natalie Lowe, Iwan Thomas and Ola Jordan and Karen Hardy.

  1. The studio is exactly the same as last year.
  2. The ‘just done Eggheads and now here’ card has been played VERY early and twice….Vine, it’s going to be a long series. Well, maybe.
  3. Jeremy’s youngest daughter is 8 years old.
  4. Apparently, lots of people wanted to see Jeremy’s bottom wiggle again.
  5. Partner Karen says Jeremy has fantastic rhythm.
  6. They have the American Smooth this weekend.
  7. Jay McGuiness is inspired by Peter Andre.
  8. Greg the floor manager has a beard.
  9. Natalie told Ainsley ‘to get into the zone’ before his Tango. Not sure which zone he chose. 9?
  10. Ainsley is the oldest contestant this year. He’s 58. Got a feeling you’ll hear that a lot. Shot glasses ready.
  11. They have the Salsa this week.
  12. A stray mic-pack hit Ainsley where a man may feel it most.
  13. Karen Hardy reckons Kellie Bright has already set the bar high.
  14. According to Karen, one of the hardest things to teach new dancers is turning.
  15. Carol was left on her own too much, apparently.
  16. Karen will be back tomorrow to dissect Saturday night’s dances.
  17. Iwan needs a darker spray tan.
  18. Their Cha Cha Cha is coming together slowly.
  19. Iwan is a slow learner but he loves their song and Ola thinks it suits him.
  20. According to Ola, Iwan isn’t scared of anything.

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