Strictly Come Dancing 2014: Pantomime Special


With a panto theme. How very fitting.

Hello and Merry Christmas!

I had the pleasure of being in the audience when this was recorded on December 1st and so nothing here will appear as a shock to me – apart from an opener we didn’t see and the VTs. Anyway, the winner won’t surprise anybody.

Shoutout to the fabulous costume, make-up and hair departments. A showstopping end to a spectacular year of Strictly. Especially dear Anton. And Craig. Craig my gosh.

Our opener begins in a theatre somewhere and ends [days later] in the studio. Bruce stumbles through his introduction and Tess comes out in a metal creation that actually looks really lovely on her. Merry Christmas y’all, miracles do happen.


Chris Hollins and Iveta Lukosiute – Charleston to Sleigh Ride

Not particularly memorable for me then, I must admire. But Chris is such a bundle of energy and it really got the whole show – and room – going. Bundles of lifts and tricks complete with his perfect smile. Made me miss Ola – that swimming move didn’t quite work.

JUDGES: Craig 7, Darcey 8, Len 8, Bruno 8 = 31/40

Rachel Stevens and Tristan MacManus – Viennese Waltz to Bells Will Be Ringing / Please Come Home For Christmas

This swept me off my feet all those weeks ago and it had the same impact on me today. Even if my love for Tristan does make me slightly biased (HE’S GORGEOUS LOOK AT HIM). Rachel was robbed back then anyway, her technique is impeccable. The lines she creates…her aura…just the way she moves gracefully around the floor.

JUDGES: Craig 9, Darcey 9, Len 10, Bruno 10 = 38/40

Russell Grant and Joanne Clifton – Cha Cha Cha to Could It Be Magic?

More surf than genie but hey IT IS CHRISTMAS. Fun and energetic – memorable for all the wrong reasons. So theatrical as well and perfect for a Christmas early evening show. So lucky it is on just that, really.

JUDGES: Craig 7, Darcey 8, Len 7, Bruno 7 = 29/40

Sophie Ellis Bextor and Aljaž Skorjanec – American Smooth to White Christmas

The prize for the nicest dress of the evening definitely goes to Sophie – what a wonderful dress. Smooth, elegant and clean. Beautiful. Almost sickeningly sweet.

JUDGES: Craig 9, Darcey 10, Len 10, Bruno 10 = 39/40

Lisa Riley and Robin Windsor – Jive to Step Into Christmas

Lisa oozes fun with every step. Great to see her back. About all I can find to say here. Odd ending – role polys are not made for Strictly routines.

JUDGES: Craig 8, Darcey 8, Len 8, Bruno 8 = 32/40

Louis Smith and Aliona Vilani – Quickstep to Jingle Bells

You would actually think this was a professional routine. Just fabulous. Love a good Quickstep.

JUDGES: Craig 10, Darcey 10, Len 10, Bruno 10 = 40/40


Bruce had a singsong with Aliona, Iveta, Natalie and Joanne busying around him. Rather cringe interlude in the middle for some spoken world. I saw this recorded four times – you can imagine the irritation by the end from all parties. To be fair, filming went on for best part of five hours and this was at least two in. So knowing all that was to go…long evening.

What a performed though.


WINNER: Louis Smith and Aliona Vilani!


THE END. With a lovely closing routine – telling the story of a fake marriage.

Until next year…


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