It Takes Two: Friday 19 December 2014

Who did we see?

Just about everyone.

What did we learn?

1. The only way to end another year of It Takes Two is with a dance routine involving Robin, Ian, Zoe and the entire It Takes Two crew.

2. Caroline is surviving on three hours sleep.

3. Simon’s show dance has a little bit of everything in it.

4. Mark’s show dance is tiring.

5. Ian Waite hasn’t been as excited for a final since he was in it himself.

6. Karen Hardy always used to think Caroline was one step away from disaster but her Charleston changed everything.

7. Professional dancers do get nervous in the final but they can channel it into competitiveness.

8. Karen reckons Frankie has been technically strong from the beginning. Ian says she looks like a dancer.

9. Ian thinks Mark hides his nerves well.

10. Karen loves Simon and his all round ability. Ian acknowledges he may not be as great as the girls’ but he has something.

11. Props are not a thing of the past just yet.

12. Frankie and Kevin’s Paso Doble – should they make the final three – is the same dance as last time choreographically but will be performance factor 11.

13. Frankie is moved to tears by her Grandpa’s support for her.

14. Mark is so excited for the final. Karen is just so happy.

14. Bruno is excited to see every show dance. That dance can really swing the competition.

15. Darcey would like to dance with Pasha and do a Rumba.

16. Jill Halfpenny’s Jive has stuck in Bruno’s mind. First ever 40 on the show and the benchmark for Jive ever since.

17. If a wildcard was used, Darcey would bring back Pixie and Trent with it.

18. Len loves the Foxtrot.

19. Simon’s rehearsal was a little bumpy. He has a newfound respect for dancers and their athleticism.

20. Pasha saw talent in Caroline and knew he had to bring it out.

21. Simon would love to get a 10 from Craig.

22. Their AT was one of Kristina’s highlight across all her Strictly career.

23. Caroline loves her white and sparkly show dance dress.

24. Pasha doesn’t do a wonderful impression of an elder.

25. Caroline didn’t expect to be so impacted by Strictly.

26. The cast of 2014 number will be a conglomeration of couple’s favourite moments.

27. Dick and Dom are massive Strictly fans. They tweeted earlier about Strictly being the only show without an agenda. Ummm. Never mind.

28. Marian Keyes would love to see Frankie’s Tango again.

29. Dick and/or Dom would like to see Mark’s Tango again and Simon’s Quickstep.

30. Marian would like to see Simon’s Charleston again.


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