It Takes Two: Thursday 18 December 2014

Who did we see?

Simon and Kristina, Tristan MacManus, Ian Waite, Joanne Clifton, Karen Hauer and Vicky Gill.

What did we learn?

1. Caroline likes that there aren’t any rules in the show dance. They will have a Rumba type thing. With a Beyonce moment and a wind machine.

2. Simon has a tricky show dance.

3. Vicky and the team have had their work cut out for the show dance costumes because of the couples working out their own theme.

4. Frankie never liked pink at the start of the series but now loves it.

5. During the opener, the professionals will be all in white and the finalists in…well I assume a colour.

6. For the big number, everybody will be wearing a costume they have done before.

7. Vicky personally loved Ola’s skeleton costume and Frankie’s Blackpool outfit.

8. Kristina and Tristan performed 46 New Yorkers but lost 15 leaving them with 31. Which means Karen and Aljaž pick up the world record.

9. Joanne Clifton went off to meet the same-sex couple champions. I wasn’t really listening because I’ve learned to zone out during any segment.

10. Simon admits going a little crazy during his Samba last weekend.


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