It Takes Two: Tuesday 16 December 2014

Who did we see?

Frankie and Kevin and Karen Hardy.

What did we learn?

1. Karen Hardy thinks there were a lot of nerves in the first half of the show. One way of looking at it.

2. The gamble with Frankie and Kevin’s Rumba could have gone either way.

3. A musical stop in Mark and Karen’s VW caused them to stop which shouldn’t have happened.

4. There was so much content in Simon’s Samba and that is why Darcey gave a high mark.

5. Caroline made some mistakes in her Foxtrot, which is what Craig was talking about with the top line comment.

6. Twitter friend Mark won the Superfan Quiz and, and I think this is a lovely thing to do, decided to give his second ticket to the final to other finalist Julie.

7. Frankie didn’t like the Rumba and was terrified of insulting Darcey but ended up loving it.

8. Frankie really enjoyed the AT with the dramatic music.

9. Frankie accidentally booted Kevin in the shins at the beginning of their AT.

10. Because of how harsh Len was on Karen, Kevin thought Mark and Karen were going out when the decision fell to Len.

11. Frankie really loved her Foxtrot and her Tango.

12. Frankie and Kevin are going Fred and Ginger for their show dance.

13. Mark going barefoot made everybody emotional.

14. Karen was quite emotional when Karen got upset about the criticism of her Rumba.

15. Simon and Kristina performed a beautiful Foxtrot for Karen Hardy.


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