It Takes Two: Monday 15 November 2014

Who did we see?

Jake and Janette, Bruno Tonioli and Caroline and Pasha.

What did we learn?

1. Kevin was left entirely on his own before the semi-final as everybody else locked themselves in their dressing rooms.

2. Pasha could not believe their 40 last weekend. He is very proud.

3. The Salsa was always the one Caroline wanted to do – from the very beginning.

4. Pasha always knew Caroline had potential but the last few weeks have been a different level.

5. Caroline isn’t great expressing emotions in words but can through dance.

6. Their show dance is going down a slow road. That is all we know.

7. They are going to do their best in the final and, well, we’ll see!

8. According to Bruno, if you emote during a dance you connect with the audience.

9. Caroline’s Salsa couldn’t have got any hotter. It was her perfect dance, according to Bruno.

10. Bruno doesn’t think Karen should blame herself for Mark’s Rumba because you need to push the boundaries. However, there wasn’t much basic Rumba in there.

11. The track choice for Frankie and Kevin’s AT made such an impact.

12. He found Frankie and Kevin’s Rumba very surprising. It kept everybody interested.

13. Simon went very wrong but well covered it with a bit of improvisation, according to Bruno.

14. He has a natural attitude for Ballroom.

15. Jake is really disappointed to leave the competition so close to the final. His kids are okay with it, though.

16. If Janette comes back next year, her partner will have a tough act to follow.

17. Jake’s highlight of Strictly has been working with Janette and the other professional dancers.

18. Now they are out, they can take front centre in the group dance.


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