It Takes Two: Friday 12 December 2014

Who did we see?

Frankie and Kevin, Anton Du Beke and Friday Panel: Christine Bleakley, Heather Small and Suzi Perry.

What did we learn?

1. Frankie cannot believe we are so near the end. She would be devastated not to get to the final.

2. Heather Small shudders at the Strictly theme tune because it reminds her of her four dance off stints.

3. Zoe dances in the bathroom when nobody is looking.

4. Natalie Lowe was this week’s Strictly Friday rehearsal stalker.

5. A special guest is looming.

6. Mark and Karen will be doing their Rumba barefoot.

7. Anton’s mother worked two jobs and never once had a day off.

8. Anton always has a lot of fun with his partners even if not the best dancers.

9. Anton’s favourite dances are the Foxtrot and American Smooth. He doesn’t seem the point of the Samba.

10. Anton never wears sweatpants.

11. Darren Bennett apparently smells the worst (?)

12. Anton has about 52 ties.

13. He loves a shortbread.

14. Frankie never felt comfortable with her Salsa.

15. Frankie’s problem with lifts is the fear when the dance is so fast.

16. Frankie finds it hard switching between the Rumba character and the Argentine Tango.

17. For Mark Wright, Monday and Tuesday’s are horrible. Choreography.

18. Caroline is pretty impatient and gets very frustrated.

19. And then all of a sudden, it all clicks into place.

20. Suzi Perry was devastated by Pixie going out last weekend.

21. Heather Small thinks Trent could have been an element in Pixie’s exit.

22. Suzi puts Jake in the final because his performance carries him through.

23. Christine Bleakley thinks Caroline looks like a professional dancer.

24. Christine loves watching Frankie and Kevin.

25. WINNERS: Suzi for Caroline, Heather for Simon or Caroline and Christine for Mark.


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