It Takes Two: Thursday 11 December 2014

Who did we see?

Caroline and Pasha, Iveta Lukosiute, Anton Du Beke, Darcey Bussell and Vicky Gill.

What did we learn?

1. Zoe Ball plays the violin. And plays it very well.

2. Darcey realises it was a big shame to lose Pixie but the Cha Cha Cha just didn’t work and was inconsistent.

3. Darcey’s favourite dance may be Mark’s Charleston.

4. Jake is always a surprise. The way he rises to the challenges of difficult and detailed dances.

5. Darcey hopes Caroline is in line for the first 40 of the series. She is exciting to watch each week.

6. Simon has gone through a transformation and now appears to be enjoying each step, according to Darcey.

7. Vicky is holding off confirming any designs until she sees the cuts of rehearsals.

8. Kristina will have an animal print dress with beads.

9. Vicky mixed pink, gold and silver for Janette this weekend to play to the lighting.

10. Crop tops are IN.

11. Iveta and Anton managed 42 New Yorkers but lost 5 so have 37.

12. Pasha thinks their Foxtrot will be their ticket to the final.

13. Caroline and Pixie are very close so Caroline is really upset at her elimination.

14. Caroline has two very different dances this weekend but loves them both.


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