It Takes Two: Wednesday 10 December 2014

Who did we see?

Simon and Kristina, Ian Waite, Iveta Lukosiute and McBusted.

What did we learn?

1. Zoe herself remembers how hard learning two dances in one week was.

2. Jake looks like he is struggling to get around Janette in their VW.

3. The AT is a lot about the feet and legs. Frankie struggles with this so it could be tough for her.

4. Ian wants Caroline come out of her shell.

5. Mark needs to lower and drive at the same time during his VW.

6. Ian has never seen anybody smile more during rehearsals than Simon.

7. He needs to keep his hips up.

8. The eliminated professionals will be back to hustle this weekend. Whatever that is.

9. Harry Judd and his wife loved Jake and Janette’s Salsa.

10. James Bourne wanted Pixie to win but she’s now out. The rest never got asked.

11. Harry loved Caroline’s Foxtrot. Which is clever since she hasn’t danced one. Maybe he meant the training looks good.

12. Ian doesn’t think Frankie is doing great pivots right now.

13. You have to remember the walking in Rumba.

14. Jake has a long way to go for his Latin this week. He may love it but his technique is letting him down.

15. The intensity and lines in Mark and Karen’s Rumba looks great but he needs the walks.

16. Simon needs to make sure he is up on the balls of his feet.

17. Simon was pretty sure they were going to be in the bottom last weekend.

18. They were doubly sure they were gone when they landed against Pixie.

19. Simon added an extra spin during the dance off because he was sure he was off.

20. They have two hard dances this week – including the Samba.


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  1. We have to say Matt Willis did a fab-u-lous job in Iveta’s Disco class. We’d love to see him on Strictly 2015! He’s a natural.


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