Strictly Come Dancing 2014: week 11

Quarter Finals. Already.

Week 11 already. Isn’t it all going shockingly fast? We don’t have a theme this week which is great. But we do have to Waltz-a-thon which may not be so great. Better than Swing, though.

Simon Webbe and Kristina Rihanoff – American Smooth to ‘Heartache Tonight’ by Michael Buble

Ignoring the fact that the ending nearly went very very wrong, an enjoyable American Smooth with lots of solo sections for Simon to do what he feels more comfortable with. Probably not his strongest Ballroom, though. Could be trouble.

JUDGES: Craig 8, Darcey 9, Len 9, Bruno 9 = 35/40

Caroline Flack and Pasha Kovalev – Argentine Tango to ‘La Cumparsita’

OUTSTANDING. Just amazing. Her lines are beautiful, her footwork is spot on and the lifts just completed a fantastically choreographed routine. Not sure what Caroline was apologising for at the end, though.

JUDGES: Craig 9, Darcey 10, Len 10, Bruno 10 = 39/40

Pixie Lott and Trent Whiddon – Cha Cha to ‘Love Shack’

There are not many songs I hate as much/more than this one so I think that meant I wouldn’t ever really get into this dance. An energetic Cha Cha but sometimes it felt too over the top and forced. Not her best Latin, but still a high standard.

JUDGES: Craig 9, Darcey 9, Len 8, Bruno 9 = 35/40

Mark Wright and Karen Hauer – Foxtrot to ‘L-O-V-E’ 

Something about this didn’t work for me – didn’t flow and felt quite disjointed. Elegant choreography though and Mark does look lovely in hold.

JUDGES: Craig 8, Darcey 9, Len 9, Bruno 9 = 35/40

Jake Wood and Janette Manrara – Charleston to ‘Entry of the Gladiators’ 

From one dance theme to another for Jake. Presumably themed to distract from the lack of Charleston content. His facial expressions are the best I have ever seen from a male celebrity and they just really make the dance. Fun dance.

JUDGES: Craig 9, Darcey 9, Len 10, Bruno 10 = 38/40

Frankie Bridge and Kevin Clifton – Salsa to ‘Work’ 

Bit weird. Started with a saw and some metalwork. Had a lot of strobe lighting. Not a lot of much else.

Not as energetic as previous offerings from Frankie but still fast and heavy on the choreography. Great song choice, too. Nervous looking lifts though, could have really added something more.

JUDGES: Craig 8, Darcey 9, Len 8, Bruno 9 = 34/40

Waltz-a-thon – The Last Waltz

Len explains that the couples will dance together and have some fun. The starting positions were picked out of a hat (presumably the song choice one on loan) and off we go. Soon. When he stops talking.

And then everybody else starts talking. CHRIST.

All couples stayed on the floor the entire time which ruined the fun of it because I liked seeing them kicked off. Nobody bashed into anybody else. No illegal lifts. Nothing too shockingly bad.

I think it actually worked.

SCORES: sixth place gets one point and first gets six. Etc.

6th  – Jake and Janette

5th – Mark and Karen

4th – Caroline and Pasha

3rd – Simon and Kristina

2nd – Frankie and Kevin

1st – Pixie and Trent


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