It Takes Two: Wednesday 3 December 2014

Who did we see?

Simon and Kristina, Caroline and Pasha, Aljaž Skorjanec and Karen Hauer and Ian Waite.

What did we learn?

1. Mark needs to keep smooth and keep his frame.

2. Frankie and Kevin will be ‘crumping’ this week.

3. Ian would give Simon a very high mark with the footwork he is displaying.

4. Pixie needs to snap her legs more (?)

5. Caroline’s theme and outfit helped her feel like a different person last weekend.

6. Pasha is adamant he has never gone wrong on a live show.

7. Caroline would like to redo all her dances but definitely her Cha Cha.

8. Pasha is apparently a great teacher.

9. Caroline’s challenge this week is dancing to music without lyrics or counts.

10. Karen and Aljaž managed 43 New Yorkers but lost four leaving them top with 39.

11. The couples will have to be very aware of where the other couples are in this weekends Waltz-a-thon.

12. Craig is being picky with Simon’s hands.

13. Simon didn’t realise the amount of effort in Ballroom.

14. Kristina is very proud of Simon.


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