It Takes Two: Tuesday 2 December 2014

Who did we see?

Jake and Janette and Karen Hardy.

What did we learn?

1. Karen was happy with all seven 10s given last weekend.

2. Dance moves get harder as soon as arms come above level.

3. Mark and Karen really went for it but Karen (the other KH) reckons he looked flustered at the end.

4. Karen puts Mark in the final. He has to train more to make sure he avoids the bottom two again.

5. Caroline looked like a superstar during her Charleston.

6. Simon’s Waltz was difficult because of the amount of rotation.

7. Karen thinks the professionals need to be very careful if they want to use backing dancers and backing dancers must…well stay in the back. Not dancing with the celebrity.

8. There is a competition to win tickets to the final.

9. Janette was not happy nobody pointed out Jake’s recovery from the crash last weekend.

10. The poor backing dancer is a good friend of Janette’s and feels awful about what happened.

11. It never knocked Jake’s confidence.

12. They have the Charleston this week. In a circus theme.

13. Jake has made a thumbs up gesture 30 times this series. There is a useless statistic for you.


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