Strictly Come Dancing 2014: week 10 results

Bye bye theme week of hell.

We begin with Danny Boy and Tristan/Aliona, Anton/Iveta and Aljaž/Jo dancing only to be rudely ousted by Michael Flatley and Riverdance. Very impressive.


Kristina and Simon and Caroline and Pasha.

Maybe out

Mark and Karen.

Andre Rieu and Alfie Boe

Time for the annual appearance. This time accompanied by the orchestra dressed as Disney Princesses and Natalie and Brendan dancing.

Len’s Lens

Oh good. Just when the you wonder if it can get any worse.


Pixie and Trent, Frankie and Kevin and Jake and Janette.

Maybe out

Sunetra and Brendan.


Sunetra and Brendan are about as they were the first time around – no worse, no better. Backing dancers are back out of the cupboard.

I’d forgotten we’d have to sit through this again. Mark still fumbled from move to move with little coherency but, apparently, that doesn’t matter on this show any longer as long as you thrust your groin about. Mark and Karen will live on, I say.

OUT: Sunetra Sarker and Brendan Cole


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  1. Thanks for ur hard work , injoyed ur comment s . Used ti be on twitter Paul shaw @helpme1972 löst password but be back . Like to c Kristina win it, but think Frankie will . HOW ABOUT YOU ? Paul


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