It Takes Two: Friday 28 November 2014

Who did we see?

Pixie and Trent, Mark and Karen and Friday Panel: Bobby Davro, Denise Van Outen and Jenny Eclair.

What did we learn?

1. Mark and Karen’s Las Vegas routine will have furry dice.

2. The pace of the Charleston made Pixie reevaluate her fitness level.

3. Trent will be wearing Lederhosen shorts.

4. The only sad part about the show, for Pixie, is the fact that somebody leaves each week.

5. Mark and Karen were very proud of their Tango scores.

6. Mark is starting to wish he did Strictly another year. One with less talent.

7. Mark didn’t drop his arm last weekend because he was tired. It was something happening to him all week with his hold in the second part of the routine.

8. Vegas is Mark’s favourite place in the world. He’s going there for his stag do.

9. There was something about Steve that Bobby Davro liked.

10. Jenny Eclair doesn’t have any favourites.

11. Denise Van Outen reckons Frankie picks her legs up well for her Jive. Denise loved the Jive when she did it.

12. Denise reckons Kevin is the king of Paso.

13. Denise can forsee a knee slide in Mark and Karen’s routine.

14. Sunetra may be in danger, according to the panel.


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